Jensten Awards 2019

At the Jensten Group conference, held at the end of 2019, we took the opportunity to celebrate the success of some of our outstanding employees. Awards were given to individuals and teams who have demonstrated their commitment to the company and have proved fine examples to the rest of the group.

Our company objectives of collaborative (working together/ shared goals), innovative (in terms of technology, products, training), professional (expertise and commitment), integrity (trust and respect) and wow (surprise and delight customers) provide the framework which we evaluate performance by.

The team awards were presented to three teams in recognition for their efforts throughout the year, and particularly for the way they have pulled together in a professional way, working collaboratively, through challenging times and sometimes with limited resources.

Our winning teams were: Coversure City (London), Coversure Sales Team Huntingdon and Datamatters Support Team. (Photos of the winners below).

The Individual Awards 2019

These awards recognise individuals who have demonstrated specific company objectives to a high level, going above and beyond in their role on a daily basis. They have risen to the demands of the business in a professional manner and not only have they proved to be a reliable asset but also a great member of their team. Their approach to work has been innovative and collaborative and enables them to make a difference to their colleagues. They have demonstrated a high level of integrity and commitment and can always be relied upon to work to a very high standard.

The winning recipients were:
Lydia Goodfield, Coversure; Steve Carroll, Policyfast; James Lehain, Datamatters; Adam Belcher, Coversure and Anna Martin, Coversure. (Photos of some of the winners below)

Wow Awards 2019

Our Wow books were presented to individuals who surprise and delight, who add that little extra to their work, show determination and commitment and have a positive impact on their colleagues.

Recipients this year were: Ashley Whitehead, Datamatters; Nicola Crowley, Policyfast; Chris Jarratt, Coversure; Linda Farrelly, Policyfast; Rosina Smith, Coversure; Lloyd Davis, Policyfast; Jason Holmes, Policyfast; Laura Collett, Datamatters; Rudolf Schwindt, Datamatters; Shane Wilson-Fahey, Datamatters; Emily Lintott, Coversure; Susan Conway, Coversure and Lee Jeffery, Datamatters. (Photos of our winners below)

Congratulations to all our winners!

Louise Smith – PR and Events Officer or (0800) 308 1202



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